Thursday, November 24, 2011

Whatcha Bringin'?

We’re going to Steve’s brother’s tiny little house for Thanksgiving, there will be way too many people there, and FIL, MIL, and Sis have to come from over 30 miles away because BIL and his wife are selfish. FIL has taken a bit of a turn for the worse, and can barely walk to the bathroom. But we’re still all going to pile into BIL’s house.
We were going to go to FIL’s house because it would be easier for them, Sis lives there, she was going to make the turkey, and we were going to bring stuff over, but BIL said he promised his kids last year that we would have it at their house this year, even though everyone is always invited to Thanksgiving wherever it is.
I’m a little disgruntled with BIL and his wife because last year, when Thanksgiving was at my house they texted Wednesday night and said they were having their own Thanksgiving, and they wouldn’t make it to our house, which would have been fine if they were bringing mashed potatoes, or a pumpkin pie, but they were bringing the ham. I had to go to the grocery the night before thanksgiving and pick over the last hams left. I always invite everyone, BIL, his kids BIL’s wife’s kids and their fam, I had a 25lb turkey expecting everyone to show, and there were 6 of us.
Whenever we invite them to any family gathering, they call or text 5 minutes before they are supposed to show up and cancel, but I can’t not invite them to a family thing, because they are family.

That is why I waited until Monday to RSVP, I wanted to wait until Wednesday night just to prove my point, but Steve said I should do it sooner, so against my better judgment I did.
All that was left to bring was an appetizer or pop.
I’m bringing bacon wrapped mushrooms with bbq sauce.

This is how it’s made:
Buy 10-12 big white mushrooms, and the cheapest bacon you can find.
 Quarter the shrooms and the bacon, wrap the bacon around the shrooms and stick with a toothpick, bake at 350 until the bacon is cooked, then top with your favorite bbq I prefer Stubs Hickory Bourbon sauce and bake another 10 minutes. Viola an appetizer that only costs about 5 bucks, unless you use spendy sauce. 


  1. I'm sorry your BIL and his wife are buttfaces. I'm heading over to my sister's house soon. I'm in charge of garlic mashed potatoes.

    I'm not a mushroom fan...but I'm gonna pass your recipe on to the mushroom eaters in my life.

    I hope you and your family end up having a wonderful Thanksgiving, despite the rough start! xoxo

  2. Despite the BIL situation... I really hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! And Just think only a week left of this blogging every day business, I'm so proud of you :)

  3. Not a mushroom eater? Wow, maybe we weren't separated at birth. I was going to make some with pineapple too, but I ran out of bacon.
    We like everyone else, Steve has the flu today so lucky him, he gets to stay home. I'll have fun with everyone else.

  4. So glad there's only a week left. I don't have time to read other blogs, I'm too busy on my own.
    Whatcha doing for turkey?