Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Long and Winding Road Trip (3)

After a long day of driving, shopping and eating it was time to head to the hotel. We stopped at the casiro on the way, Tammi picked up some Sothern Comfort and cream soda, and I grabbed a pint of Black Velvet and we headed north to Sequim. (Pronounced squim)

We thought our reservations were for the Holiday Inn, which is one of the newest hotels in town, and it’s beautiful. We pulled in and the lady rolled her eyes, and said our hotel was the Holiday Suites, she said “did you come through town?” yea we did “do you remember seeing the giant painting of The Last Supper? Your hotel is on the hill behind that.” We lugged our bags back to the car and drove about a quarter mile to our hotel. It was clean enough but way too expensive for what it was.

We had planned to sit in the hot tub (aka the steaming pool of stranger sweat) we went next door to grab some chips and salsa to bring back to the room, but when we got back at 7 it was closed, even though the sign said 9 p.m. the crack head that worked the front desk, and probably lived there must have gotten tired of listening to people have fun, she wouldn’t open it back up.

Since we couldn’t sit in the hot tub, we retired to the room for some drinks and iPad time.
I have that same top, Tammi got it for
Steve and I when we got married,
It has matching boxer briefs

I don’t know if the hotel used to be a Ramada, or if they got a great deal on Ramada stuff, because the tray that held the coffee pot, and the shower curtain both said Ramada, which seemed a little strange.


In the morning we held hands with the Lord, and felt some disciple ass, and took off for the Game Farm.


  1. Look at you being all sexy on the internet! I don't think you're supposed to feel up the apostles...I'm not sure, but it might be a rule. Oh wait...I forgot. You're not a rule follower either. I can't wait for part 4 of the road trip!

  2. They didn't complain, and I wasn't struck by lightening, so I think it was probably ok.

  3. There's this whole thing about bed bugs that is keeping me out of motels and head lice keeps me out movie theaters.

    You are very brave.

  4. My whole thing about hotels/motels is the sheets must stay on the bed, I don't sleep otherwise, and bed bugs don't scare me, they say the older you are the less you react to the bites. Lice Schmice, I put enough chemicals in my hair every day to kill pretty much anything.

  5. You look better in bed than most people.  I said a quick rosary for you and your friend after I saw what you gals were doing with those holy guys.

    I like motels for sleazy sex.

  6. That's my sister :) thanks for the rosary, I think we need all the help we can get. Sleezy sex is always good, but no thanks, not with my sister. :)

  7. mikewjattoomanymorningsNovember 14, 2011 at 6:07 PM

    Hey, I'm kinda liking that photo of you with the iPad. Nice iPad.

    Seriously, it is. I like the case, too.

  8. Uhhh, huh, of course you do.
    I got the case on buy.com
    Case, car charger, stand, and a screen cover for around $15