Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Aubrie and I have been working together since Valentine’s Day. She’s a mini me in all sorts of ways. She’s the best assistant I have ever had and I really hope she sticks around. She thinks the same things are funny and if I had a little sister I know she would be just like Aubrie.

The other day, we were over at our new office that’s being built out talking to the phone guy, and we were having trouble with the phones in the temporary office. She said “Why don’t you go ask him if he can fix our phones, since he’s going to be over there anyway, and I’ll play dumb and pretend that I don’t even know what a phone is.” She totally pimped me out.

We decided that we’ll be each other’s pimp, we’ll call this venture Recipropimp she’ll pimp me out when she needs something, I’ll pimp her out when I need something, and we’ll have a joint checking account to put all of our money in. (I think she’ll make a lot more money than me, she’s young and cute) Really it’s only fair, why should there be just one pimp when we both stand to gain from it?

It’s my turn to pimp her out… She has a fun blog called Sparrows and the Shit I Say, she’s not new to blogging, but it’s been a while since she had one. I’m just trying to drum up some business er um I mean readers for my business partner. Take a look over there, I think you’ll like it and decide to stick around, follow her for me, um I mean us. Follow her for us.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Madge Hoosier.....

Have come to an awful realization, awful, it’s official, truly, and I’m very sorry.

I Madge Hoosier am a blog snob, I’m not sure how it happened exactly, but one day I just decided that I just can’t comment on blogs that don’t have Disqus, or something similar that allows me to comment, and for you to comment back. I try really hard to come up with some sort of a witty quip about what your blog says, then I have to go back to check or subscribe to your comments to know if you read it and commented back to me, sorry, I just can’t. Mostly I don’t care what other people say to you, I care about what I say, and what you say back. And what if I want to comment on what somebody else has said, I have to @ at them, and are they coming back to read what I said? It’s just a little cumbersome, and time consuming. If I follow you it’s because I love what you have to say, I love your insight and humor. I love your writing abilities, and everything else about you. I’ll still come over to your place and read what you write, just know that I’m lurking in the background, even if I don’t say anything.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Birthday Poem

It's another Saturday Centus, this weeks challenge is a lyric that follows the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, using 32 words plus the prompt "in the autumn"
And a picture.....

In the autumn, pumpkins growing, big and orange, to clean and carve,
My birthday is on Halloween, autumn means my birthday is coming,
Pumpkins growing on the ground, big, orange, fat, and, round.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Packer Jacker

This week we are moving our office, and Aubrie found this on the bottom of a box.

I'm pretty sure, that once Mr. Packer is done with his easy packing, he'll need this...

I found this at the grocery store today.
PS the red bottle is Cedarwood scent... uh huh of course it is....