Friday, November 11, 2011

I Won a Fabulous Prize!

My girl Jacqui over at had a little contest, part of it was a photo contest, the theme was what reminds you of chicktuition, she has these really cute pink chick buttons, and you have probably noticed in the past few posts that there's a chicktuition button randomly placed in the photo I took. That's because she likes the Pink Chick to get out and explore the world, and when you're doing something fun, she wants the Pink Chick involved.

I submitted these pictures

My pictures didn't win, but the second part of the contest was number of trivia questions answered correctly. And I WON THAT!!!

The box came yesterday, I couldn't wait to open it, look at all the cool bootee I WON! Thanks Jacquie for a fun contest and all of the Amazing prizes!!

Let me just say the girl knows how to tie a knot I tried to untie it, and then was forced to reach for the scissors

I totally needed a notebook and sticky flags, I don't keep enough notes, I try to make mental notes, but they just fall out of my brain. That is the very reason I went to the grocery store and didn't buy milk.

Hello!! Chicktuition chocolate, what's not to love

This is all my new cool stuff

Yes the mug says "Stay Away From My Mug!" I added the knife to show how serious I am about that.

I took that picture of the Pink Chick with the sand castle, and this is what my new mug looks like with hawt apple cider in it. Yummmmm!


  1. I'm glad you liked your prizes! I really hope people stay away from your mug...that knife looks extremely serious. 

  2. I brought my mug to work so I can use it every day. I didn't bring the knife however, but somebody will still get cut if they try to use my mug.

  3. I am so green with envy right now.  I should have won something though.  Never mind. That's just my jealousy talking.