Sunday, November 20, 2011

Take These Onions?

After we had the conversation about Henry’s cheese infection, and I fixed his breakfast, it was time for him to get ready for his shower.

He came around the corner in his underwear and t-shirt and handed me his socks, he said “Here, take these onions”

I knew at that very moment that the old fella had gone bonkus in the konkus, he was officially chicken soupy in the head, and there was no turning back. I was going to have to rally the family and explain to them that he thought that socks were onions and he insisted that I take them.

Those are socks, dirty socks, go put them in the dirty clothes.

No they’re onions, take them.

No they’re dirty socks not onions; go toss them in the laundry.

No, they are onions, there’s onions in these socks, go dump the onions out of my socks into the compost bucket, and I’ll put them in the dirty clothes when you’re done.

Why do you have onions in your socks?

Because I was trying an experiment, I remember once they used to say if you were getting a cold to sleep with onions in your socks, so I diced up some onion and put them in there.

Oh, did it work?

Yes, I think it did, I felt pretty good when I woke up in the morning.

How many days did you have those same onions in your socks?

I don’t know, one or two.

One or two days with onions in his socks, I guess that’s better than a week, at least they didn’t have time to get moldy, and I didn’t notice any fungus on his feet when I washed them, hopefully he doesn’t try it again, and if he does, I hope he has the sense to change his socks.


  1. Madge, I know I've said it before, but you are a damn good person to take care of Henry the way you do.  Onions in his socks and a cheese infection on his butt! Like you said though, at 96 years old, maybe he's on to something! :-)

  2. I swear I think I've heard of that onion thing, too.


    I READ onions,

    but I saw mushrooms --- at first glance!

  3. Well, damn!   You mean I could've put chopped up onions in my socks and avoided this stupid cold?    That Henry's an interesting ol' dude.  And clearly a good source for blog fodder.   Happy Thanksgiving, Madge.

  4. If it were me I think I'd tear up with onions in my socks. Hell, I'd tear up without the onions. Good thing I change my socks (and onions) every day.

  5. Henry must have some serious smelly feet! But at least he doesn't have a cold. And he's very lucky to have a Madge.

  6. Your Henry Stories never cease to amuse & amaze me!

  7. I get that. the socks sort of looked like mushrooms.

  8. Thanks Jayne, you too.
    Hell try the onions, why not? Who's around to smell your feet?

  9. Please please change your onions daily, your wife will thank you.

  10. :) He always has some sort of nasal stuff, thank God he gave up the onions.

  11. He's somethin'
    Hows Pappa Sye?

  12. He's really getting weaker every day. It's heart-breaking to watch.

  13. I know it is, I'm here if you need/want to talk about it.

  14. Onions in socks, huh?  Ugh!  That sounds pretty dreadful.  But if it keeps him warm.... I guess it's all right!