Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Man, I Have Had a Lot of Jobs!!

I started babysitting when I was 12, my parents were lower middle class and my dad drank all of his paychecks, which left little for me. My mom bought my coat, and I had to buy my school supplies and clothes.

When I was a freshman in high school, I went to work at an in home daycare. I worked there for 5 years, also during that time I tried to work at McDonalds, but they couldn’t understand that I didn’t get off work at my first job until 5:30 so don’t schedule me until then, that job lasted about a month.

Right after high school I went to work at Toys R Us. I was there for 3 years, that’s when I officially became Madge instead of Megan. It seemed that everyone was naming their kids Megan in the ‘90’s and I was turning around every 5 minutes when somebody’s mom hollered out my name.

When I wasn’t working at Toys R Us, I was a housekeeper for a retired cop, his wife, and his mother that lived next door.

I left Toys R Us to work for a physical therapist who was the ultimate short man ass, I really liked that job, but I couldn’t deal with him, so I went to work for a Chiropractor who turned out to be the most unethical person I had ever worked for. He was also a massage therapist, and he would take women up into the massage room and bear their breasts to work on their chest. He also required women to completely undress for x-rays and then wouldn’t let them put their underwear back on for the physical exam. He also thought that he could buy his way into heaven by tithing the church before he paid his employees. I always got a paycheck, but the office manager often had to go without.
I did learn how to take, develop and diagnose x-rays, I also learned a lot about the body and he encouraged me to read his college books and figure out how the nervous system works, which helped prep me for massage school.

I was rescued from the dirty doc by the Bead man and his wife, he took one look at me and said “what are you doing here? This is no place for you, come work for me, we’ll let you work as much as you want and you will fit in well with us, I can tell” I liked working for the tie die hippy bead makers, I could wear what I wanted, I got to fix things like plumbing and I even built a chicken tractor. I also packed glass and bead orders, and cleaned and cooked. I was the next best thing to a live in maid. I don’t really remember why I stopped working there, but I could always go back if I needed too.

I nannied for a year, and left the nanny job to work at the credit union, I started out working nights, and I also cleaned houses during the day. I worked at the credit union for 5 years, I went from part time nights to full time teller, but I wasn’t a good teller, my till was always off, either over or short every day, it got so bad that they wanted to fire me, but made a new position for me instead, I was still a back up teller, but I was basically support for all of the departments. I learned a lot, then they transferred me to phones, and then to the greeter desk. I got really bored there, so I would go visit people, the president gave me a stopwatch and told me I couldn’t be away from my desk for more than three minutes at a time. I wasn’t making much money there, so I left to work for a medical supply company.

I wish this was the end of my job history, but it’s not, and this post is getting too long, so I will continue it tomorrow.


  1. Dang - that's a lot of different experiences!

  2. It's made me what I am today, I don't know how not to work, and I've always had two and sometimes 3 jobs at a time.

  3. You were definitely a worker, not a shirker!  That's a lot of jobs for one person.

  4. And I'm not done with the list.

  5. I think that is amazing!  I did similar gigs, (ironing, housework, janitor, all in addition to my "regular" job.  It gave me a lot of confidence to know that my kids and I would never go without because I could always make money to get us by.

  6. I just figure I can always work more. Always. I don't want too, but if it's necessary, I definately will.

  7. It was sort of a serious joke, when I left I wrapped it up and gave it back to him.