Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Everybody Crap!!

I bought Steve's wedding ring at the Shane Company, and it was time to take it in for a check-up. While it was back with the jeweler I got to talking to this cute little Asian guy Kevin, it started dumping down buckets of rain outside, and Kevin told me this story.

One day lin I las a rittre boy, my mom went to the sto, and it stalted to lain leally leally hald outside just rike it is light now. Befo she come home I put a whore bunch of soap on the sidewark, and when she come home she srip on the soap and she far down. Arr the glocelies fry errywhaile!! And errybody raff and craappp!!

I raffed so hard when he told me that story, and it's fun to tell people. My friend Patty was with me, and she has the kind of raff that fills the  room, we told each other that story all the way home. She's a trainer at a local credit union, and every time I find out that somebody is going to work there I ask them to tell her "Madge says errybody crap" 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

We Have A Winner!!!!

Thank you all for playing "Comment on the Dog Pee for Coffee"
After serious deliberation, I have chosen.............

Cheryl: with "Hey, look Mrs. Calabash, the mutt has created a Master-pee-se,...... ha cha cha chaaaa"

If you haven't been over to Cheryl's place click the link, she's a great writer, you'll enjoy your stay over there.

So Cheryl, email me your address and I'll get your $5 Starbucks gift card out in two shakes of a puppies tail.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm Really Frustrated!!!!

I’ll be taking off for vacation, and I have let Henry’s family know when I’ll be gone. My only concern is that he gets to take a shower, I have filled his freezer with yummy food, I have talked to his family and friends to make sure that he’s being checked in on. And today I left a message for his daughter in law to make sure that someone is giving him a shower every week while I’m gone. I have been taking care of him for 16 years, he is family to me, and I care.

Her response was this

"You don’t know what we do for him, you should check in with us. Jim gives him a shower or a bath every two weeks. You are pissing me off to assume that we are not going to be taking care of him while you’re gone, and next time instead of leaving me a message you should talk to me face to face."

Well the reason (obviously) why I left a message is because I knew that this would be the response. They neglect to make sure his basic needs like showering often are met, and then they get pissed off when I tell them to make sure that they take care of him.

I had to make him a doctors appointment and call Cheryl and tell her he needed a ride. I asked if Jim could do it or if I had to find somebody else, she asked why, I told her  he had diarrhea every day for a month. (surprised that all I heard was crickets? It was one of the longest pauses I had heard in a long time) She said that Jim Could take him. Jim was there every week, you can't tell me that loving attentive family doesn't know when there's a medical problem, and you can't be around him for more than about twenty minutes without knowing about his bowel movements.

They also didn't know that the chore worker that they hired through the service had been stealing his meds, or that all the other one did was sit around and eat his food. I stopped cleaning when they hired the service, the girl who stole the meds was fired as soon as I found out that she stole from him, the guy that ate the food didn't clean at all, after a month the inside of the toilet was black. They fired him too, but if I hadn't been around to check and make sure everything was good, they would never had known.

By the time I pay for my gas to drive there and take care of him for 3 hours, I'm only making about $5 an hour. I obviously don't do it for the money. They'll probably try to fire me, they can't and they aren’t going to scare me away.

I really want to put lots of information about his family here, so that when people are searching for them they will find out how shitty they treat him. She is sort of somebody in town, people know who she is. I don't want it to come back on me, so I won't, but I sure would like too.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dog Pee Picasso – The Series – Praying Angel of Jimmy Durante

I thought it was just a fluke, but now I know it’s not. Riley is officially an artist. I don’t know how he knows what the Praying Angel of Jimmy Durante looks like, to my knowledge we’ve never watched a Durante movie, but the boy has done it again.

Look at the great detail, the weak chin, the nose, the hair just so. It’s totally amazing.
There’s even dots that imply that there should be a caption bubble up there.

I have a $5 Starbucks gift card to award to the person with the best caption.

I’ll give you some time, I’ll pick a winner on June 17th. Have fun!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

OH! The Things You Will See!!!

Last Sunday we went to the Folk Life Festival in Seattle, I love the FLF mostly because it's one of the only times of the year that I get to go to "The City" and I love the energy of the city so much, but mostly I love the freaks. Steve says that I'm a "freak magnet" I'm not sure how true that is, but I'm pretty sure that it's not a bad thing.

The following is a pictorial of our day at FLF.

This is the cool plaid SUV we saw on the way, the bumper sticker says Scottish Pride

This puppet was singing You Should Be Swinging on a Star

This chick has issues, she loves squirrels so much she had one tattooed on her leg

What a cool group, they reminded me of a bunch of singing pirates, except for the drummer, he reminded me of a homeless person or a caveman and Mary Kay Latourno there in the dress played the bamboo pipes with flip flops
Space Needle

This is the mirror man, I know it looks like a statue, but he's a performer

Look closely you'll see that's not his beard in the pony, it's his hair tied under his chin

Another street performer, look how skinny he is

He was wearing an old UW Huskies cheer leading skirt.... SO HOT

It wasn't especially warm, probably about 60, I think the kid in the rain coat has the right idea

I bought this cool wine rack at the Packwood Flea Market on Saturday for $4.50

Monday we bought a bunch of flowers to plant in hanging baskets, I always over-buy and wound up having to make some new flower beds too.