Friday, July 15, 2011

I Ham Emotional

In a quest to find the face of Jesus or phallic symbols in my food or my dog's pee, I have started paying attention to the subtle color changes in different things that I'm going to eat or the things that Riley has peed. But this my friends, is not so subtle my ham has some serious issues, it's all full of angst and disgust and I can't explain it. Here take a look for yourself

The beans seem to be happy though.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Well, it appears that in all my running around I haven’t posted in a really really long time. I’m super sorry about that.

We had planned a two week vacation at South Lake Tahoe, the car was packed, the reservations were made and we were on the road. We took off at 6:15 a.m. on Friday the 24th and drove for 12 hours to our first stop. Alturas, CA cute little one horse town that used to be a busy stop on the way to Reno or parts south, but now due to the economy you can lay down in the middle of the road at 8 p.m. and take a nap. The only pictures we got there were these cool old vintage bikes.

The next day, Saturday the 25th we got up at a reasonable hour had some breakfast and hit the road again, just about 5 hours to the lake, we pulled in at around 2:00 checked into the hotel and headed to the beach.

Just a side note about the hotel, we stayed at the Blue Lake Inn, in South Lake Tahoe. It was clean, had a nice pool and it was only two blocks to the public beach, they give you a pass to get in, otherwise it’s $5 per person per day. It’s also only about a block to the main drag with all the shops and restaurants. The daily rate during the week is $44, easily (as Linda would put it, a “hot pillow joint”) but it doesn’t fee like it.

Where was I… Oh ok so se checked in at 2, and at 5:45 we got a call that our son had been in an accident and we need to come home. (I’m not really in a place to talk about it right now, he’ll be fine) We ran back to the hotel and checked out, they were so gracious and only charged us for the one night/day we had been there even though they have a 24 hour cancellation policy and we had paid for two weeks in advance. Just as the car was all packed we got another call that it wasn’t as bad as we first heard, so we decided we would stay, so we checked back in, we laid around until about 9:00 counting our blessings and waiting for the next word, we decided we couldn’t stay so we packed up the car at 9:00 I checked back out of the hotel, (who again were awesome and very understanding. ) And headed for home, we drove until 2:00 a.m. and made it back to Alturas where we slept until 6 and got up and finished the drive home, we made it to our own beds by 7:00 p.m. on Sunday night. So if you’re counting… it’s Friday, Saturday, Sunday 30+/-hours of driving, we were exhausted.

We made arrangements to go see The Boy, and took him to a few doctors appointments. (Again I will write on another day as to why medical insurance is so expensive and how the system is broken) Once we decided we had done all we can do from a close distance, we scheduled some time out of town. We flew to Spokane, which is about a 1 hour flight and had some fun at Lake Coeur D’Alene. I love Coeur D’Alene, the town is so fun, the lake and the beach is so clean we could easily retire there. Here’s a few pix that I took over the weekend.
Oh and we saw Elvis