Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What I Did on My New Year Vacation

Finally… I had a day off on Friday, we had some family and friends over to play Rock Band and eat. I whipped up a lasagna, and everyone brought snacks and drinks. We had a great time.

I didn’t drink very much, I was concentrating on playing drums, come to find out I really have no rhythm and I already knew I wasn’t coordinated. I manage to fall down at least once a year. The last time I fell I was getting out of the truck, somehow my feet got tangled up and I fell onto the street onto my tailbone. It didn’t stop me from going on an 18 mile bicycle ride afterward, but the next day I could hardly walk or sit.

Saturday, we slept until around 10, and unlike most, my new year’s resolution does not involve going to the gym, so Steve went to the gym and I undecorated the tree. I started taking off the decorations, so far so good. When I was putting the lights on, I thought it would be a great idea to wrap them around the trunk of the tree, good idea when the branches are nice and fresh, but after 3 weeks of not drinking any water, (yeah, another mistake, instead of limbing the tree up so it would sit at the bottom of the stand, we propped it up on a GoJo tub, and it sealed the bottom of the tree so that it couldn’t get any water) it was pretty crispy, and I couldn’t make the limbs get out of the way to take the lights off.

It all started with pruning shears, I clipped off all of the small branches at the top of the tree, and worked my way down to sawing the bigger ones off. A thinking person would have dragged the tree outside. It was 20 degrees here on Saturday, and I refused to take off my new footie pajamas. So the tree, all of it’s dried up crusty limbs and its shedding needles stayed in the living room nice and toasty with me. I stacked all the limbs up on a sheet and hauled them out to the compost pile Santa Claus style. Moved the trunk to the garage, and there it will sit until recycle day.

Charlie Brown ain’t got nothin’ on my tree!


  1. Madge, you had your way with that tree. I'm afraid to ask for a photo of your husband, before and after! We took our tree down yesterday, and one of us needs to vacuum. I'm betting on Alex when he gets home from work!

  2. I had to take the vacuum apart and clean it out after I plugged it up with the needles, and the ornament hooks are brutal, they catch everything in the hose.
    Before... curly mullett (it was the early 90's) after... bald to this day.

  3. Rock Band is SO MUCH FUN! But much like you, I am totally uncoordinated!

    The 'after' photo of your dismantled tree is making me laugh out loud!

  4. I almost want to chop it up and burn a late Yule log, we haven't had a fire in the fireplace in a year, seems fitting.

  5. Meleah, that video of no garbage neighbor digging out with the dust pan was amazing. We have a no garbage neighbor too, he's also a no groceries neighbor, so confused.

  6. Paleese tell me you do not moonlight as a hairdresser.

    Heh, heh.

    Glad to hear your holidays were happy (oh, and that you compost too)!

  7. Hah hah OO nope I moonlight as a Henry Butt washer, lucky for him :)

  8. No Groceries? Wow. He must be rich, because it gets expensive to eat-out EVER DAY!