Monday, August 22, 2011

Cheryl's Been Talking About Me Again :)~

Cheryl at The Art of Being Conflicted nominated my little bloggy home for this fun meme, it's a great chance to drag some old posts out for new eyes, I don't know who thought of it, but thanks Cheryl!!! If you haven't been over there, Cheryl is great, we think a lot alike, and I know you would love her too.

Here's the rules:
1.  The blogger who is nominated must publish 7 links of his/her own blog for the categories below. (1 link per category)

2. The blogger then nominates 5-7 bloggers to take part, and it (hopefully) goes on.

For some reason my links aren't underlined, so they're in bold.

7. Post that I am Most Proud Of

The post I’m most proud of would probably be I’m Really Frustrated, where I got to vent about people that neglect and abuse the elderly, if only I could shout their names from the rooftops, I would really be satisfied.

6.  Post that Didn't Get the Attention it Deserved

I was pretty new at blogging, but The Good, The Bad, The Lumpy was a pretty good one

5.  Most Surprising Successful Post

4.  Most Helpful Post

My most helpful post would have to be Product Review Time

3.  Most Controversial Post

I don’t do controversy, I try to only do entertaining, so how about some fun animals I made out of Tampons?

2. Most Popular Post

By comment count, some of them mine, He Drove an Orange Gremlin got the most.

1. Most Beautiful Post

I don’t generally go for beauty either, I prefer fun, but here’s a little ditty about a song verse that struck me.

Now I get to list 5-7 blogs to play along....

First I have to say that Linda at The Good, The Bad, The Worse has been my loyalist of all loyal followers, it is because of her and (2) MWJ at Too Many Mornings that I ever started blogging, I am so thankful or maybe not, because I am officially a blog addict, blogs are always on my mind, and so are you my dear friends.

3. My friend Abby at R is for Ronnebeck! Abby is a very talented photographer, and a super fun girl, who just started learning to Roller Derby! Go Abby!!!!

4. Theresa at A Mountain Momma, I haven't been following her for very long, but has a great sense of humor, and her blog is always a good read.

5. OO over at When I Reach She's in the Bahama's not to be confused with Cuba, she has been around since the beginning too, and I wish her well through hurricane season, I know somethings bearing down on them right now. She's definitely in my thoughts.

So there you have it, check them out.


  1. I'm so glad you did this because I got to see the tampon bunny! I LOVE are truly a talented artist! All of your posts are good...but I definitely agree that 'I'm Really Frustrated' was one to be proud of.

  2. It was Linda's idea to make the bunny, so I mailed it to her, she was pretty cute alright!

  3. The bunnies are the funniest things I've ever seen.  Sheer genius!  No lie!  I'm saving them for next Christmas when they will adorn my tree.  What a good idea, Madge darling!  Thank you so much for the shout out but I really have such a dreadful time following directions that I doubt I could do it unless you were here telling me to "Focus, Linda".  You know I have mental challenges, but it does not stop me from loving you!

  4. Oh thank you!! I'm so flattered you thought of me!! What a fun meme, I shall have to start thinking about this one immediately!

  5. I love everything about you, mental challenges included. A little ol shout out never hurt anybody. I've read most of your posts and it's hard to pick a fav, the're all good.

  6. Thank you Madge, you are so sweet. I am so flattered!! I cant wait to start combing through my posts, what a great idea for a meme!

  7. Yeah, I'm a bit concerned about the BEE-OTCH Irene.  I hope all goes well for OOdozo.

    Wait.  There are funnel cakes in that photo.  Yum.

  8. That was so much fun reading your old posts.  A few were rereads but some were also before I started following you.   The one about Lumpy is hilarious.  Really, is his job is "the safety guy"?  OMG, that is irony.

    I did know that about the corn cobs, as I was also from Arkansas, that must be something talk in the ARK schools.

    Your tampon bunnies are so funny they need to be mass produced.

    The Guy that drove the Orange Gremlin...Please tell me he is in prison.

    And you are right about the post Everybody dies but not everybody lives, it was beautiful.

    Thanks for playing.  You are always such a good sport.

  9. Lumpy is definately a breed of his own. He gives me lots of things to write about and I have started a new list.

    Corn Cobs are crazy, F.I.L used to hang it from a string for the next person... gross

    It started with tamon angel, she's pretty cute too

    Orange Gremlin Guy, not sure where he is, don't really care obviously :)
    I like playing games, gives me something to blog about when I really got nuthin.

  10. Most excellent. I am going to check out all of your seven links!

  11. By the way, you and that other chick look adorable in that picture.

  12. I love this style --- but your header is cutting off to the right a bit!

  13. Thanks Lee, it does it on my iPad but it doesn't do it at work, I'll have to fix that.

  14. That other chick :) that's Haley... Thanks

  15. Nice one. i think i'm gonna borrow this meme. A good way to revive old posts :)

    Thanks for the lumpy read..

  16. Lumpy is definitely in a league of his own. Please steal this meme, I would have named you, but I never know who will play. I'm excited to see what you drag up.