Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just Past Mid-Year Update on New Years Resolutions

I've been thinking about the resolutions I made at the beginning of 2011, I think it's time to check in and see how I've done.

Here they are my updates are in bold.

Thoughts are things and words are actions, I’ll be putting my resolutions out for the world to see.

Remember next Christmas to buy a tree skirt garbage bag to wrap the tree in when we’re through with it, and don’t wrap the trunk of the tree in lights. 

Still waiting to see if I do that it's important though, I don't want to have to do this to my tree again to get the lights off of it.

Stop licking envelopes, I have a sponge licker, and I need to use it. Licking envelopes is gross.

 I think I have only licked a couple, this one was easier than I thought

Read more and watch less TV

It has come to my attention that I am a blog addict, I read blogs most of the night, I started reading a book in January, I have yet to finish it, but reading blogs is still reading right?

Finish craft projects that I start. I have a bag of tampon angels that I started a year ago Christmas that don’t have halos, wings or faces. Two quilts that are half done, and an afghan that I started on vacation about 6 years ago that really need to be finished and donated. Which brings me to number 5

Yeah, so I got nothin' to say about this, but all of those things are still left unfinished

Give more, I give a lot of my time, energy, and money to family, work and friends, but not enough to the community.  

Turns out "my community" includes my blog community, I did try to help a little with the Tribal Blogs Con, I don't have enough followers to make a huge impact, but at least I tried.

I should stop drinking, but it’s all about setting goals I can achieve, so I’ll just say, drink less.

Around the first of the year I did drink less, not at all actually, then I drank a little more, then I drank less again, summer time more, now I'm back to less.

I am going to think before I hormonally speak. I’m all menopausal, and I am very snappy and snide when I don’t mean it. I really need to focus on choosing my words and tone carefully.

Still working on this one, but Lexapro seems to be helping.

I am going to spend more time with my family. Including my brother Lumpy Dumpy the Big Fat Ape, even though he stares at my chest.

I can't force myself to spend time with Lumpy, but I have been spending more time with my sister, and talking to my mom on the phone more regularly.

I’m trying really hard not to keep important notes on post-its, I have stacks of them with random info on my desk that I sort through periodically and toss.

I'm doing pretty good here, except for my desk had gone a little "Beautiful Mind" last week, I can't really explain it.

This one is the biggy. I am going to try to let go of the people that don’t give back the love they get. I’m going to try to let go of the things that are taking up space in my mind, my heart, and my life so that I can give more to the people who truly deserve it.

This one will forever be a work in progress, I have managed to let go of a few people, I can't say it feels good, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

So that’s it, it’s out there. Now I just need to stop procrastinating and get it done…
Oh yeah.
Stop Procrastinating
Getting better at it, but there's so many blogs to read and so little time :)


  1. Looks like you are making progress to me.  I like the one about letting go of  those that don't give back the love they get.  That is a really hard one to do.

    I totally agree about the time spent on blogging and reading blogs.  That is something I need to get a handle on as not to let it take up too much space in my life over other things.  Finding balance is a constant thing in my life.

  2. I read more blogs than books too. I say YES it counts!

    And I also need to slow down drinking - now that the summer is almost over.

    Thinking before I speak ha been a LIFE LONG battle!

    And good for you - severing those negative relationships are key!

  3. Madge, you setting goals at all is way beyond me.  I think you are doing very well at aiming toward them.  I find I drink more when Alex is home.  I'm too lazy to make a drink when I'm home alone.  I've cut people out of my life too.  It's not easy but sometimes it has to be done.

  4. You're doing really well with your goals!  I thought of something that might help with never licking the envelopes....  did you know that... roaches like glue.  They eat it.  Yep, that means they are attracted to envelopes and the glue on them.  And if you think, "I don't have roaches in my home" - think about the company that made them, if they had roaches.  So umm, yeah, think "roach" if you want to lick the envelope.  I promise it will stop you from doing it in the future!

  5. I feel like I am, I've never been one to re-evaluate my goals, I usually just set them, but since I put them in writing for the world this time, I figured I probably should hold true.

  6. It wasn't really even a negative relationsip, it just wasn't reciprocal. I even deleted them from my phone this weekend. That's huge

  7. I drink more in the summer just because  a shot of whisky with a Corona back aways sounds good. It's been since Sunday that I've had a drink, and it's weird to substitute root beer for real beer.

  8. GROSS!!!!    I'm Cured! I'm Cured!!!

  9. I get a little carried away with post-its too. That will probably never change. And I've had to let go of some relationships.

    All in all, it sounds like you're doing really well with your resolutions. I didn't make any so I'm not sure how well I'm doing.

    P.S. I just saw that Christmas tree picture and one of a tampon angel when I went to Google Images last night and entered chicktuition and/or chicktuition.com. So you're all over my online scrapbook! I couldn't find the pic I was actually looking for...but I did see those.

  10. That's cool, you'll have to school me about how google images and online scrapbook works. that sounds pretty darn cool.

  11. I just call it my online scrapbook. I just now went to google images and typed in i madge in the twaddle and the image results are pictures that have been on your blog and people's blogs who visit your blog, etc.

    It's just like using google images to find a picture of a horse or an apple...but you put in your blog name. 

  12. This was funny Madge! And now I have a vision of tampon angels...I think that would be a great Christmas craft to do with the kids! I know what you mean though about blogging being all consuming. My scrapbooking is behind two years now! I'll never catch up.

  13. Tampon angels are something the whole family can enjoy.

  14. I think you're doing awesome.  Hell, I don't even bother with those goals anymore.   I don't need anymore reasons to think I suck.   I laughed about the tree trunk lights.   I wrap the trunk every year, which everyone always admires.  So much so that last year some dear friends offered to feed me dinner if I would do theirs.  Almost an easy touch when free food is involved I wrapped their 10' tree and it looked amazing.  They loved it.  Until they had to take it down and suddenly I wasn't returning phone calls.  ;)

    Congrats on the progress you've made.   You're doing better than most.

  15. Thanks Sandra, and make sure you use the Ultra or Super Plus PLATEX tampons, there's more layers and make for a fluffier angel. Let me know if you need instructions, I'm happy to provide them.  :)

  16. I agree Elliot, unfortunately at my house I'm the only one who gets to enjoy them.

  17. Thanks Jayne, I'm pretty sure I won't be wrapping the trunk again. I don't blame you for not returning calls my fair weather friend :)
    You don't suck! Look at all the changes you've made this year that you didn't even plan (really).
    ps I trid to comment on your last post but disqus was being finicky and wouldn't load. I'm so proud of you for dodownsizing, I wish we could do it right now I would.

  18. I find that the Google Chrome browser works best for Disqus and really all things blogging, especially loading and seeing photos.  Even if you can't move, start going through stuff and chucking it now.   If you do a bit each week it will make your move so much easier once the time comes.  I started the purging process back in January and am still at it!

  19. I will never look at a tampon the same again.... Actually, I wish I could never look at a tampon again.  :)

    Good for you, revisiting your goals.  Keep on trucking.  You're doing great.

    BTW, I love the new look!

  20. I'm impressed that you remember your New Year's resolutions. I can't remember what I had for lunch, or even if I had lunch. I love your Christmas tree, by the way. It has a certain simplicity that really appeals to me.

  21. I wrote them down this year, I'm just glad that I remembered that I did it. That certain simplicity took longer than decorating it to begin with. I should have used a saws-all I used a small hand saw, next time I'll know better.

  22. I can't get past the tampon angels...need a picture!

  23. ask and ye shall receive :)

  24. I also have a bunny and a pimp, you can see them here...

  25. mikewjattoomanymorningsSeptember 8, 2011 at 3:45 PM

    Think of it as a workout. Nothing to cure a hangover like a  good sweat.

  26. nah, a workout is like Meleah's dad sawing the couch in half with a hand saw. That took him a long time. Did you watch it?

  27. I didnt make any resolutions this year..none to achieve. well, I wanted to finish with my MSc. I have :)

    I've also tried to convince myself that reading blogs is reading...but failed..seriously. read a book pls!

    you having a beautiful mind moment got me loling. Hope you didnt think the CIA was after you?

  28. Congrats to you!!!!

    Yeah, I have a book started, but blogs take more time than I care to admit.

    Not the CIA but the boss was coming back from vaca. got me a little paranoid and had to clean up before he came back.

  29. Somehow I missed this comment... Sorry
    I like the new look too :)