Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Been Raining N Stuff

It’s been raining, not the kind of rain that would cause me to get out the hammer and nails and constructing a poorly executed excuse for an ark. I’m not rallying the husband and the dogs to join me under the umbrella as we float off into Puget Sound. But it has been raining. As some of you may know, Father in law, (referred to as FIL from here on out) bought a “real nice motorhome” over the summer that has been the biggest pain in our asses since he signed his name on the dotted line.

FIL called Steve on Tuesday and said “my motorhome is leaking, I think it has some holes in the roof, can you come over after work and see what’s up there” (he seems to think that it never leaked before, because the lady he bought it from said it never leaked before)

Now a normal person would have gone to the store, picked up a tarp, and or some snow roof to ensure that said “real nice motorhome” would be leak free through the rainy Pacific Northwest winter.

Not FIL, FIL once hung a tarp inside the house with a string running from the corner into a bucket because he couldn’t get up on the roof, ingenious? Yes. Redneck? Definitely.

Steve called on his way home to see if it was raining at FIL’s, he said “No, I can’t see it, I’m in my chair” Again a normal person would either get up out of their chair, or get someone else in the house to look outside, but not FIL. If he can’t see outside, it must not be raining.

Raining, it was raining, and Steve the loving son that he is, drug out the ladder, climbed up on to “real nice motorhome” and spotted a couple of holes.

“Yeah, dad, there’s a couple of holes up here, grab me the silicone and I’ll fill them”

FIL  “awe hell, you don’t need silicone, just put some duct tape on it”

“But dad, it’s wet, it’s raining and the tape won’t stick if it’s wet”

FIL “just dry it off with this here towel”

About that time Sis comes home

“Hey Sis, get me the silicone, dad seems to think that duck tape is going to stick to the top of this wet roof, and bring me a towel” (sis does not like to be bossed around, and she was pretty annoyed that she had to be out in the rain and fetching things while Steve sat on the roof in the rain)

He filled the holes with silicone, that’ll hold it temporarily.

FILL called on Wednesday to see what Steve could do to help seal up the rest of the roof.

Steve told him to go buy a big tarp that will cover the whole motorhome, or better yet a “motorhome tarp” that is made to fit over the top, has a door zipper and is perfect for keeping things nice.

FIL is not about to spend any money, he has it, but would rather scrape together stuff around the house, and nothing ever works as planned.

This weekend, Steve gets to take a small tarp up on the roof of “real nice motorhome” and duck tape the tarp on so the rain won’t run in. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Update: As of 3:00 today FIL has purchased a tarp, as well as 100 feet of hillbilly rope to tie the tarp to the "real nice motorhome" Steve's stopping by there after work to tie the tarp down, I'll see him around 9:00 tonight.


  1. But if I moved out your way, you'd have to write about FIL AND would be exhausting for you!

  2. Steve needs to start his own side business.... Hillbilly Fix-'Er-Upper For Hire.

    I'll submit my business plan within the next week. I don't expect a cut of the can pay me in beer.

  3. God save us from crazy.  Particularly when it's Family crazy.  Worst kind of crazy of all!

  4. I'll officially stop bitching about my stepdad waiting til it's absolutely necessary to fix something because he does do it himself, the right way eventually. We're talking years sometimes though.

    I'd be a pissed sister, too. I'll try to send some of our awesome fall weather your way.

  5. As they say in the trailer park... nothing that some duct tape and 50 yards of canvas can't take care of!  

  6. Your FIL hanging the tarp INSIDE the house, is HILARIOUS to me.

    And Steve is a good son for filling up some of the holes in the "real nice motorhome" with silicone.


  7. Oh, Madge, I can't stop laughing!  You're the best!

  8. pennywise..pound..oh dear i know its your FIL but wharrahell!!