Friday, December 24, 2010

Fun Things I Follow

If you haven't checked out Jim's Pancakes, go, he's very talented.

Texts from last night cracks me up, and if you love the text you can buy a shirt that quotes it I'm not a fan of shirts that say stupid things, but I love stupid people that say stupid things.


  1. That pancakes is all about, surprise!, pancakes. Wow.

  2. Oh, I just read your profile! I like this part: "I enjoy spending time with my husband, golf, motorcycles, long car rides, and occasionally hanging with frinds over drinks." But I thought you were going to add, "long walks on moonlit beaches, making love under the stars, and fast cars."

  3. that's what I was thinking, but I thought it would be too cheesy. turn on's bald guys with gotees turn offs mulletts