Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tribal Blogs Con. Kickstarter

Yesterday, Tribal Blogs launched Kickstarter to raise some funds for the upcoming Tribal Blogs Conference.

I know this post is a little long, longer than I normally write, but if you aren't a Tribal Blogs member you should read on and read all about it! It can only help you!

Jen says “If you aren't familiar with Kickstarter it is a website that provides a platform to get funding for projects, it provides a place to beg. The funding is all or nothing. We've set the goal at $500 because $500 is better than nothing and if we don't reach the goal we don't get anything. There are rewards for backers of projects and you can see them on the side bar. Many projects raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's all about word of mouth and getting the word out. I don't know if venture capitalists troll the page but I gotta think that if people could raise the funds by simply emailing their friends and family they would so clearly there are some backers out there that we don't know yet. We only have 19 days (they hold the funds for up to 14 days so we cut it short) so we really have to hit this hard right away.”

Here is how it works. People pledge an amount from $1 to $300+. Depending on the level they choose they get a reward. The rewards are good karma and membership to Tribal Blogs and tickets to the event. If we meet our goal then the backers get their credit card charged. If we don't meet our goal they don't and never will. When we meet our goal and the backers have paid then they get the reward. If someone sees this and wants membership to the site we can start it right away by sending them to the actual site. It's only 19 days I don't think that will happen but it might in the event anyone asks you.

You may be asking yourself, what is Tribal Blogs? Their website says:

Tribal Blogs is a professional blog network for writers who want to take their blogs to the next level. Whether that be more traffic, better writing or monetization, the Tribal Blogs community will help you achieve your goals.

Tribal Blogs was created by Jennifer Brown of Redhead Ranting. After spending many months using sites such as Entrecard and Adgitize she figured there had to be a better way to increase comments and traffic, meet other great writers, and improve her blog without spending 15 hours a day dropping cards. Jennifer wanted to get back to writing and that wasn’t possible using those networking sites.

Tribal Blogs is a group of writers who take their blogs seriously. They care about their readers and they work to polish their craft. They also know there is always something new to learn and they want to share that knowledge with other bloggers.

Tribal Blogs is a network, a tribe so to speak, of people who want to help others reach their blogging goals. There is no drama at Tribal Blogs, members are respectful and supportive.

I say what Tribal Blogs is NOT: A bunch of snobby blog eletists that are out for personal gain at all expense, they are also not against being helpful to anybody needing a hand. With your donation you will get a chance to see for yourself. What’s stopping you? Click this link now!


  1. Thank you Lee! Everything helps

  2. Thank you Lee!!!! It means a lot.

  3. Thank you for posting this and getting the word out. This is what Tribal Blogs is about...bloggers helping bloggers. People helping people...

    People who need people
    Are the luckiest people in the world.

    I'm truly grateful for all of you wonderful people who have made this thing a near reality. Now if we can just keep doing this kickstarter thing like this each day we might have enough to pay the caterers.

  4. Madge, you ROCK! Nice way to spread the word, and I'm thinking you get extra good karma for this!

  5. Thanks Nicky! It's sort of selfish really, back in January I wrote my new years resolutions number 5 was:

    Give more, I give a lot of my time, energy, and money to family, work and friends, but not enough to the community.

    I would never have guessed that my "community" would be my blog community, so really it's all about me achieving my goals. ;)~

  6. I hate to admit that I'm surprised how fast it took off! I had never seen kickstarter before. It's a great program.
    I'm really happy to be a little cog in this big 'ol wheel of yours Jen.

  7. Awesome job, Madge! Facebooking and tweeting!

  8. Very cool, Madge. You could raise enough funds for a 3rd World Country revolution if you wanted. You've got "charisma"!

  9. Just trying to help out ;) not sure about the third world country, I could buy a bag o rice or something.