Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Birthday Poem

It's another Saturday Centus, this weeks challenge is a lyric that follows the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, using 32 words plus the prompt "in the autumn"
And a picture.....

In the autumn, pumpkins growing, big and orange, to clean and carve,
My birthday is on Halloween, autumn means my birthday is coming,
Pumpkins growing on the ground, big, orange, fat, and, round.

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  1. how neat to have a halloween birthday. I missed april fools day by 1 day

  2. Rod's mum's birthday was on Halloween as well.  The family children always came to her house with their parents, and they trick or treated from there, while the adults had a glass of wine and relaxed!!  One of the teenage granddaughters always stayed behind to answer the door!!

    Hope you have a fun birthday on Halloween!!

  3. Your birthday is on Halloween?? No wonder I love you...that's my favorite holiday ever! I've been celebrating your birthday all my life! You should definitely come to my Halloween party.

    How are your toes? I read at Linda's that you broke two of them. I hope you're feeling better, poor thing!

  4. great job.  I loved it.

  5. Yep I'm a Halloweenie I would love to come to your party, too bad you're across America from me. :(

    My toes really hurt, mostly it's my little one, pretty much barefoot or flip flops lots of advil, exedrin and ice. I tried to go to Costco today, I practically cried in the store my foot hur so much. I just want to sit around with my feet up and make Steve wait on me, he's doing a great job.

  6. I'm glad he's taking good care of you. And I hope you feel better soon!

  7. Love it! Great job, Madge!

    Ps: My birthday is in October too! xoxo

  8. Great job !
    How fun that your birthday is on Halloween !

  9. Hope your Birthday is not too scary.

  10. Ohhhh sorry, my assistant's b'day is the 4th of July. Easy to remember. :)

  11. That is ideal!! My sis 10 years older always took me, and helped me with my costume. One year she even egged some people who had lights on, but yelled at me whe they answered the door because they were too busy for Halloween.

  12. Thanks Nonna, I think it's the best birthday ever.

  13. So you a Scorpio or Libra? I'm thinkin Scorpio

  14. Anna of Annas AdornmentsSeptember 20, 2011 at 2:39 AM

    Dear Madge,
    Then it will soon be time to wish you a happy birthday! 
    Fun poem for SC!
    Best wishes,

    Anna's SC wk 72'In the Autumn'

  15. Those are awesome lyrics!  Love them.  And the big and orange and fat and round just laying there on the ground sounds just like Harry!!!

  16. My birthday is in October too but not Halloween.  Loved your poem.  

  17. What a cute little birthday tribute...

    I have a daughter who would love to halloween birthday.  It's her favorite time of year to celebrate!

    Cute us of this difficult prompt.

    Thanks for linking!