Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tis the Season for Tampon Angels, Fa La La La La

  To make tampon angels you will need the following supplies:

Ø  The most absorbent Playtex tampons you can find, I’m using Supers, but the Super Plus or Ultra make a bigger angel.
Ø  Some white glue and glitter glue
Ø  Small beads
Ø  Flesh Color paint and sparkly paint 
ØSomething for hair, I’m using shredded jute twine, but I have also used tinsel or yarn.
Ø  2 inch wire ribbon for the wings
Ø  Pipe cleaner for the halo ( I know, I know, it’s politically correct to say chenille stem, I’m old school, it’s pipe cleaner)
 Ø  A small paint brush or q-tips
Ø  Markers for the mouth and eyes

To start, pop the tampon out and loosen the string, move it down like a noose, and soak the tampon completely, wring out the water, fluff and hang somewhere to dry for a couple of days.

Once your base is dry, grab your paint, make her a face on the widest side of the top, and paint her dress with the glitter paint.

I don’t wait for anything to dry, I just get to work. I add some white glue to the bottom of her dress and shake in a little bowl of beads.

Make a small line of glue like a cross on her head, and stick the hair on.
Cut your ribbon in about a 6 inch length, fold it over on itself and pinch together in the middle, grab your pipe cleaner and wrap around the bow. About an inch above the bow, make a loop and wrap around the stem, cut off any remaining wire. Glue to the back.

I use the glitter glue to make her a collar, it covers up the string and the line between her face and dress, make a line down the front of the dress and add some beads.

By now the face paint should be dry, make her a couple of eyes, and a mouth.

Pull the string through the top of the halo, and you’re done, now hang her to dry somewhere and make some more.

The hardest and most frustrating part of making these angels, is getting F-ing blogger to arrange the pictures in the right order.  :)


  1. I love the Tampon Angels!! So festive. If I had time I would make tons of them and do my tree in nothing but Tampon Angels. It would sum up exactly how I feel about the holidays to have a tree full of super absorbent Tampons.

  2. I thought these were a legend...but they're real. Really, real. :)

  3. Then you could recycle and tear their little wings off and...

  4. I *heart* Tampon Angels! AHAHHAHAHHAAHAH

  5. Yay! Tampon crafts are back! You are obviously a true tampon artist.

  6. Over the edge... (well true, I'm a man)

  7. Maybe you could commission yr daughter to make them. I feel the same way about the holidays. I want to become buddhist or something.

  8. True Renee, they are like Bigfoot, or the ghost of periods past.

  9. Tear their little wings off? For shame.

  10. Just this one, I'm sewing now, no more time for tampon crafts. :(

  11. Do it Neo, go buy some tampons and make some for your friends.

  12. You are one crafty chick.  And I'm putting mine on the tree this year!

  13. YAY!!! You should make her some friends.

  14. Thanks Magaly, Welcome to my place :)
    You could probably make a spider, or just add a couple eyes and make some ghosts that sort of fit the theme of your blog.

  15. That sounds great; I'll definitely give it a go!